8 Country Stars With Iconic Makeup

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You can’t deny it- country music starlets have style. From their close-to-God hair down to their boots, female country music stars are polished to a T. So how can we draw style inspiration from these lades? An easy simple way is to imitate their makeup. Here are 8 country stars with iconic makeup.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain burst onto the scene in the early 90’s with a dark complexion, brown eyes and – let’s just say it. Incredible eyebrows. She kept her makeup simple most of the time, but she really played up the smoky eye in photo shoots and concerts. She relied on a bronzy glow and simple nude lip.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill has a complexion that would make anyone jealous. She has a glow about her that is maybe her actual skin, but there could be a chance that maybe its Maybelline. Usually Faith relies on shimmery neutrals to play up her look, and a mauve lip to highlight those pearly whites. Along with the most perfect color bronzer, which highlights her beach blonde hair.

Reba McEntire

Reba! Reba has the best complexion and hair combination, and she uses a steely blue smoky eye to her advantage. I personally am a huge fan of Reba’s makeup. She really keeps the focus to her eyes, using silver, gray and blue hues to play up her hair and eye color. She keeps a simple lip (a bold red lip might clash!) and toned down bronzer and blush. Love, love, love her look.

Priscilla Presley

Though Priscilla is not technically a country music star, she was married to a pretty big one. I love her mod 60’s look, with caked on black eyeliner and an almost invisible lip. I read somewhere that Elvis liked her to wear a lot of makeup, and that’s where her signature look came from. They were kind of like the Kim and Kanye of their day. (come on, when Kanye started assisting Kim with her wardrobe… you noticed.) So relied on the lashes when it comes to her early looks – big bold and black. Love it!

Dolly Parton

Now Dolly has some iconic makeup! Bold lip, colorful eye, lots of blush and bronzer. If you look at some of her older pictures, her eye makeup consists of 3 different color palettes! You have to love Dolly for her bold application of so many colors – that’s what makes her great. She’s got such an iconic look, and the makeup is just a small piece of it. Where would we be without that hair?

Patsy Cline

Doing research for this article, I stumbled across some olf pictures of Patsy Cline. She had great makeup and always relied on a bold red lip and dark eyes. Cline also had great eyebrows – something that added to her iconic look.

Carrie Underwood

Per her Almay commercials, I feel like Carrie always looks stellar. She can go from look to look, but I love when she plays up a dark smokey eye, like in her new Somethin’ Bad video. Carrie also favors a good, solid bronzer to get her through her award ceremonies, shows, and appearances. I feel like we have a lot to look forward to with Carrie, as her makeup look is changing constantly.

So that’s it! What is your favorite Country Star with iconic makeup? Leave your answer below in the comments.

Image Source: Bigstock/ Instagram / Instagram via Carrie Underwood