A Discussion on Coldplay’s Excessive Use of Flowers During the Super Bowl Halftime Performance


Yes, the 2016 Super Bowl halftime performance was one for the books — and for positive reasons this time.

This year, the power stayed on the entire time and everyone’s clothes stayed on, too — win, win — and while we love the Left Shark’s dance discrepancies last year, everyone was in sync this time. Praises.

There was only one thing that seemed a little bit weird to me: the excessive use of flowers.

They just felt a little out of place next to Beyonce and Bruno’s black pleather statement.

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I mean, we’ve got flower pomping on the stage.


We’ve got some flowers on the undershirt.

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We’ve got a girl scout vest of patches on the jacket.


We’ve even got flower patches on Chris Martin’s pants — though I will say that I love his shoe.

What a night. #SB50 #PepsiHalftime

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Maybe it was the kaleidoscope flower light display, the rainbow taffy colored violins, or the colorful crowd participation…

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But, whatever the factor, there were a lot of flowers.

And they all just seemed a little loud in contrast with the sexy, sleek Bruno and Beyonce black leather getup.

But hey– different genres, different themes. More power to you, Coldplay.

Here’s another of R42’s great pics from #SB50 #PepsiHalftime – more on Coldplay.com

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Image Source: hellogiggles.com, Instagram