Pringles Offers A Frightening Solution To The Stress Of Holiday Cooking: A Complete Thanksgiving Dinner Of Flavored Chips


Maybe you really don’t like Thanksgiving. Maybe a good meal isn’t your thing. Maybe all you ever wished for was to eat a complete meal made up of only chips. If that’s you, then you’re in luck! Pringles has just unveiled a test of a full Thanksgiving meal made up solely of their chips flavored like a complete Thanksgiving meal.

This is either hipster heaven or the saddest Thanksgiving of all time.

The boxed “meal” features Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie chips. That may seem like a lot of flavors, but you know what they say: “Once you pop, you just can’t stop.” No matter how hard you try, you can never stop.

“Pringles are known for bold flavors and endless flavor stacking possibilities, so this holiday season we wanted to introduce snack-lovers to a new way to enjoy Thanksgiving favorites,” Pringles senior director of marketing Kurt Simon said. Kurt, we care about you and our children. Please don’t do this.

Pringles even suggests mixing the flavors to find new “familiar” tastes. Suddenly, Pringles’ slogan seems like a threat.

I can only assume that whomever can finish the whole Pringles meal without throwing up will be crowned the King of Pop and be seadted upon a throne of empty Pringles cans.