The Power Of A Leaf Blower Corrupts Boy And Is A Warning To The Rest Of Us

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Leaf blowers make kids dunk on power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Leaf blowers are the path to the dark side.

What would you expect a boy to do with a leaf blower? If you think anything other than blowing it right in your face, you are wrong. No Nerf gun or video game gives them the feeling of complete power like a gas powered tornado machine. They feel they have ultimate power of both man and nature. There are few better ways to describe it than, “drunk with power.”

He shows all the stages of corrupted power.

1. ATTACK enemies with new-found power.


3. UTTERLY DESTROY any opposition.

4. Reap what ye hath sown. This, the final stage, is the unequivocal end of rules who, at long last, realize power has used them.

On the other hand, this power could be used for good, like powering a skateboard car.

It’s how you use the power that matters, you know?