Adam Levine Almost Pooped His Pants While Wife Behati Prinsloo Was in Labor


It’s probably about time to label Adam Levine as a bit of an over-sharer, especially during his most recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” when discussing not only his hair color and how his wife approves of it but also what happened to him during the birth of his first daughter, Dusty Rose.

After sharing that he only dyes his hair bleach blonde with wife Behati‘s approval (because “I want her to want to, you know…”), he shared his terrifying experience with childbirth and what happens when you take advice. As Jimmy asked him if he was ready for daughter No. 2 to arrive, he asked how Adam did in the delivery room the first time around.

“I received a tip from Carson Daly. You know—television’s Carson Daly? That’s the guy. He has like 400 kids, so…He said, ‘You have to eat something.’ And I remembered to eat. They say that a large percentage of new dads, when their wife is in labor, they pass out because they forget to take care of themselves and nourish themselves with food, and they faint a lot of the time. I don’t know if that’s true or not; it sounded pretty official, from the way he told me.”

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Dusty Rose Levine 9/21/16

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“It was good advice, but like all good advice, it can be abused and misused. You know Craig’s, the restaurant? I ordered a lot of food because I’m like, ‘I’ve gotta eat a lot of stuff now, otherwise, I’ll faint.”

Adam shared that he had ordered pizza, burgers, french fries and basically everything available at Craig’s

Adam continued, “I just started going at it. What I discovered about myself is that I’m a nervous eater.”

“I was eating a lot, though. I’ve put back an unbelievable amount of food. So, I’m basically bursting at the seams. Like, I’m going to s–t my pants at some point. There’s no other way I can tell you this. But also, my wife is in labor! It’s the lamest thing to be [feeling] when your wife is going to have a baby. That’s not in any way a viable complaint. So, you’ve got to just keep it inside, literally and figuratively.”

“I’m like, ‘S–t, man. I’m just going to wait this out.’ Because I could go to the bathroom and come back, and the baby’s out and I missed the whole thing. It was brutal. So, I waited, doubled over in pain, and finally, the baby came. It was beautiful and it was amazing. The second the coast is clear—my wife’s good, she’s healthy, everyone’s happy—I took one of the nurses aside and I was like, ‘Look, you gotta find me a bathroom.’ She’s like, ‘Well, there’s one right here.’ It was at the foot of my bed. I was like, ‘No…not that bathroom.'”

Jimmy laughing shared, “well, that’s fatherhood for you. You jumped right in.”