Adam Levine Meets Really Special Fan; Causes Panic Attack


Christopher Warren, a 10-year-old from Howard County, Maryland is without a doubt Adam Levine’s biggest fan! After all, he does research projects on Adam’s band, Maroon 5, he sang “One More Night” during his school’s karaoke night and he writes their names on all the pictures he draws!

His teachers wanted to do something special for Christopher, so they put together this video to show off his affection for the band. They sent it to a radio station and waited to see what would happen. When The Kane Show got a hold of it, they were so touched, they arranged for Christopher to not only see Maroon 5 in concert, but to meet the band as well!

You can imagine how overwhelming that would be. Christopher was so overtaken with excitement, he had a panic attack and had to lay down on the floor. Adam and his band members took it in stride and they laid down on the floor with him until he could calm down enough to enjoy the moment.


If you weren’t a fan of Adam Levine and Maroon 5 before, you should be now!

Image Source: Instagram/@hot995 & Alex Mateo/PRPhotos