An Alabama Fisherman Rescued Two Abandoned Kittens That Swam Out To His Boat


Cats don’t like water. It is one of those basic laws of the animal kingdom: mice like cheese, cows say “moo”, etc. You would never expect a cat to swim. But when Jason Frost and his friend Brandon were fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama, that’s exactly what they found.

“You are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat,”Jason said on camera. Two abandoned kittens took to the water after they were put out far from home. They were tame enough to know to look to humans for help, so when they saw two fishermen just offshore they jumped in the water and swam out to the boat. As soon as the first kitten was onboard, the second leapt into the water to join him.

Both kittens were rescued and immediately began rubbing against Jason.

Jason told Inside Edition that he believes someone dumped the kittens near the river to get rid of them and that they wouldn’t have made the swim unless they were desperate. He gave the kittens to a family who was eager to take them in. It’s good to know the brave little cats found a good home.