Aladdin and Jasmine Go for a Tragic Magic Carpet Ride on “SNL”


This week’s “Saturday Night Live” host Adam Driver and cast member Cecily Strong took Aladdin’s famous magic carpet out for a spin, but the trip wasn’t as shining, shimmering or splendid as you might imagine.

The magic carpet ride starts off pretty smooth, but once the duo starts singing “A Whole New World,” things take a turn for the worst. Jasmine gets body slammed by “fat bird,” as she calls it, hit in the head by a bomb and drenched when a plane decides to rid itself of its septic contents mid-air — gross.

Aladdin is totally unfazed by the various bumps in the road until the magic carpet begins experiencing engine trouble. It’s at this point that Aladdin steps up to the plate and makes a heroic crash landing into a nearby U.S. Air Force Base, leaving Jasmine falling madly in love with him.

Only on “SNL,” y’all.

Image Source: YouTube