Alicia Keys Impersonated Gwen Stefani, Adele and Janis Joplin with Jimmy Fallon and We Literally Can’t Even

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Alicia Keys is, arguably, the most talented judge on “The Voice.” (If we’re going off of GRAMMY wins, you know?)

Keys showed off that unreal talent on “The Tonight Show” during Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon. She started off with an impersonation of Gwen Stefani that started off slow, but ended with a dance move and her version of “Hollaback Girl.”

The real musical prowess came when she took Adele‘s “Hello” and it turned it into the A-B-Cs. I’d buy it. And not for the cheap price. It was amazing.

Keys’ rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” as Janis Joplin was also another masterpiece. If she doesn’t do an album of these impressions we’re going to be very upset.