Alisan Porter’s New Original Song Is Kind of Country

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On this season of “The Voice,” the final four contestants had the unique, exciting opportunity to write, record and shoot a music video for an original song. Overall, the songs and videos that came out of this addition to the show are overwhelmingly impressive and perfectly capture the essence of the contestants’ voices and performance styles. They also give us a little peak into what these musicians would be releasing as actual recording artists.

Now, when listening to these original songs, I expected to hear a little country twang from both Laith Al-Saadi and, obviously, Adam Wakefield, but I didn’t expect to get any kind of country vibe from Alisan Porter — but I definitely did.

From the style of the instrumentals, to the song’s lyrics and even to the style of the video, I got a very acute sense of “modern country girl” — almost like a Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris kind of thing — and I am loving it.

Here’s Alison’s music video: