The Guy Who Builds the Cars for “Fast & Furious” Explains Every Car in the Series

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“The Fast & Furious” is so old that it can legally drive in the United States. When it debuted in 2001, Brad Paisley had just been nominated for Best New Artist at the GRAMMYs. And yet, the series still grows. The popularity of this series has only increased. Most of the cast is old enough to be the parents of their audience, yet the multi-generational crowds keep packing into theaters to see them. The reason, sorry Dwayne Johnson, is the cars. There is something magnetic and alluring about fast cars. It’s as American as country music. What country star doesn’t love his truck or think tractors are sexy?

Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the cars, is not who I would have expected him to be. I was imagining someone with more tattoos, a couple piercings, a Monster energy t shirt, and backwards flat-bill hat. McCarthy is a middle aged man who knows and loves cars. He is a “gearhead” like the rest of us who gets paid to play with iconic, and sometimes priceless, machines.

You can keep the Mazdas and Hondas; I’ll take the classic American cars every time. Just looking at the 1970 Dodge Super Chargers or the 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback makes me start daydreaming. I’m jealous of McCarthy who gets to be around these cars everyday. The dude is living the dream!