All the Times Connie Britton Made Us Say Y’all


If you haven’t seen Connie Britton lately, you should check her out! She has had a long career spanning nearly 20 years, yet the girl still looks great! So great in fact, she’s made us say y’all more than once:

“Seriously y’all, how has she not aged since 2004? Her skin looks amazing!”

“I think I could maybe pull this look off with my little black dress… what do y’all think? And do you think my dress has to be lace and fitted perfectly to my body like hers?”

“Y’ALL! Someone please tell me- how did she get those waves? When I do beachy waves, I literally look like I’ve been laying out on the beach all day, not red carpet ready like Connie.”

“Green eyes and a heart of gold, y’all. Do you think they make a contact lens in this color?”

“Do y’all think I could pull of that hair color? I want to be a redhead, but not just any redhead, Connie Britton redhead!”

Image Sources: Lee Roth / PR Photos, Allen Berezovsky / PR Photos, Andrew Evans / PR Photos, Janice Ogata /, Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos