Everyone Told Norman Reedus Not To Do “The Walking Dead”


In 2010, zombies were not a big deal like they are today. Sure, we all knew zombies as a horror trope, but today I know people with actual zombie apocalypse tool kits, which is crazy. That’s like having a wooden stake and some garlic by your bed just in case a vampire shows up. A big reason for that zombie hysteria is AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, a show that follows a group of people through the apocalyptic south. But that show could have been a lot different because Norman Reedus, who plays the fan-favorite crossbow-wielding Darryl, was almost didn’t take the part.

When Norman Reedus was offered the part of Darryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead”, everyone told him he should not do it. His agents were against it. His friends didn’t like it. Thanks to a stubborn vision to go his own way, Reedus is one of the biggest TV stars in the world.

Now, he has a tiger shark named after him and his crossbow sits next to Rocky’s boxing gloves in the Smithsonian. It goes to show that sometimes, you just have to go your own way.