Soulful Singer Earns Standing Ovation For Moving Performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love”


When watching “America’s Got Talent,” you expect to see acts that make you laugh, cry, cheer and celebrate, but it’s not often that you watch auditions that are so good, they invoke all four emotions — plus goose bumps. But on a recent episode of the show, a man name Brian Justin Crum did just that.

The 28-year-old from San Diego told the judges that he was there to audition because he “wants to be a singer,” but, in our opinion, he’s already one — and an incredible one at that.

Performing a slightly altered rendition of Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” Brian had the audience, the judges and us here at home on our feet before he even reached the last note. He portrayed the emotional depth, vocal range and addicting stage presence that we all look for in a successful performer.

This guy’s going to the end, y’all.