Will Ferrell’s Original Idea For “Anchorman” Is Absolutely Insane And Needs To Be Made


I am a big fan of “Anchorman.” It was the first movie I saw twice in theaters. Not to sound too much like our President, but it was huge. You loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it. But the movie we all saw in theaters was not the original idea, which included plane crashes, baboon assassins, and lots of throwing stars.

Will Ferrell shared his idea for the first “Anchorman” in what sounded like a pitch for a third installment into the franchise. For fans of the first, we can only dream that it will be made and be better than “Anchorman 2.” While I love the first, my feelings of the second can be summed up as follows:

In it, Ron Burgundy crashes an airplane into a mountain after colliding with another plane full of baboons, orangutans, and crates of ninja throwing stars. Ron Burgundy and the news crew are forced to fight for survival, desperately trying to find a way off the mountain while running from the apes that are now hunting them with throwing stars. It’s “Kung Fu Panda” meets “Planet of the Apes” meets “Lost.”

I would watch that movie once a day and twice on Sunday. We can only hope Brick brings his trident.

Ferrell went on to vaguely discuss working with Mariah Carey, which sounds like a nightmare. Sure, he doesn’t exactly say that, but when you wait past midnight to film a scene that ends up on the cutting room floor, it’s not a good thing.