Anderson East Brings Down The House With His Performance of “Girlfriend” on “The Late Show”


I think Anderson East stole someone’s voice. Maybe he met the Devil at the crossroads and made a deal for it. Whatever the case, you would never match the voice with the person unless you saw him live. In pictures, he looks like a perfectly nice guy – maybe a pop singer like Ed Sheeran or indy crooner in the vein of Bon Iver– but when he lets his raspy, blues-soaked voice out of its cage you see someone completely different.

Take, for example, his performance of “Girlfriend” on “The Late Show.” His album art and introduction make you think he is the kind of guy who strums sappy pop songs about an innocent southern belle. But “Girlfriend” hits hard with a thumping beat, a blaring horn section, and a crooning organ. He isn’t singing about puppy-love, he’s coming to steal your girl.

If you had any questions about East’s musical chops, watch the video and wonder no more. You should make every attempt to see him live this spring.