Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New “Celebrity Apprentice” Catchphrase Is So Bad, It’s Good

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During the premiere of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” last night, host Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his twist on President-elect Donald Trump‘s famous catchphrase, “You’re fired” — and it was really something.

After the contestants were asked to create a five-minute presentation for Tyra Banks’ beauty products line, the former governor decided to fire TV personality Carrie Keagan. He used this occasion to deploy his new catchphrase.

“Carrie, you’re terminated,” he said. “Now, get to the chopper.”

So, If you somehow don’t know already, Arnold is paying homage to his roles in “Terminator” and “Predator” — LOL.

Apparently, Arnold played around with a few other options, but this is the one he and the network landed on.

“We narrowed it down to, like, eight of my sayings from the movies and one other option, but even I don’t know yet,” he had previously told The Hollywood Reporter.