Real National Treasure: An Astronaut’s Map that Could Be Worth Billions


In 1963, Gordon Cooper strapped himself to a ballistic missile and was launched into orbit. His mission was to find potential sites for missile silos, but he found found something else: sunken treasure that could be worth billions.

Cooper, one of the original astronauts, wrote down coordinates for what he thought could be shipwrecks while in orbit and investigated the anomalies for the next 40 years in secret. Gordon passed off his findings to his close friend and professional treasure hunter Darrell Miklos who is now investigating the sites with The Discovery Channel.

So, an astronaut made a secret treasure map in space that he only shared with a young professional treasure hunter? Somebody call Nicolas Cage, we’re gonna need the Declaration of Independence. This is so outlandish that I almost can’t believe it. The most unbelievable thing is that someone could be a professional treasure hunter. Where do I sign up for that job?

You got me, Discovery Channel, I’ll watch. I just hope this isn’t another Sasquatch hunt show that promises proof and gives you, “Aw, shucks. Maybe next time.” That’s Discovery’s bread and butter. Well, that and Shark Week. Let’s hope they actually live up to their name this time around.