“Baby Bachelor In Paradise” Continues To Be Better Than Any “Bachelor” Show

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“Baby Bachelor in Paradise”, a show that takes kids from their parents and flies them to an island to discover love, may be parody but it’s really tightrope walking that line. Yes, it does feature former “Bachelor” contestants. Yes, it is the same basic format. Yes, the contestants act equally if not more mature than their adult counterparts. So really, it’s a toss-up. But, to be frank, I prefer this version because kids are hilarious.

Previously, things happened. Sorry, that is the extent of my ability to relive anything related to this franchise. But I’m here for “Baby Bachelor in Paradise.” I mean, these kids get it.

I aspire to this level of chill.

This is exactly how I imagine Crossfit.

But really, I want to be like the kid with the mustache when I grow up. Mustache kid for mayor of all the places.

Does he have some weird policies and a strange view of humanity?

Yes, yes he does. But he’s four. That shouldn’t stop us from electing him Mayor of All The Places, right?