The Second Episode Of “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” Brings The Crazy And Cute

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Fans of “The Bachelor” and it’s various spinoffs are now entering the dead season. It’s like that time of the year when the only sport on TV is midseason baseball. Sure, you could watch it, or you could just stare at a blank TV screen. Could you watch “Bachelor In Paradise”? Yeah, but wouldn’t you rather do literally anything else? If you need your Bach fix, your “Bach Patch” if you will, you could watch something more enjoyable, something shorter with all of the stuff you’ve come to love about romantic reality TV: “Baby Bachelor In Paradise.”

The second episode had everything:

The Crazy Person

Wish Fountain Robbery


Motorcycle Homocide

That Kid With A Mustache


There was also a guy named Chad? I think it was a joke, but it didn’t quite land.