The First Episode Of “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” Is Better Than The Real Thing


Another season of “The Bachelorette” has come to an end leaving its viewers wondering, “Why did I watch this?” The only rational contestant in recent memory was let go because he wasn’t ready to propose after three dates leaving Rachel with a husband by forfeit. Now that’s what I call romance! Now what are we supposed to do, watch “Bachelor In Paradise”? No thank you ever, please. I’ll stick with the baby version and call it a day.

The actions that make “Bachelor In Paradise” an unwatchable cringe-fest make Jimmy Kimmel’s “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” adorable.

The kid who got dumped last season now drives a motorcycle and owns a vape shop.

There’s a four-year-old with a mustache talking about fly fishing and above ground pool repair.

And of course, the self-described crazy one.


If these were adults, it wouldn’t be so cute or funny. It would just be “Bachelor In Paradise.”