“Bachelor In Paradise” Restarts Production With A New Alcohol Policy


The bachelors and bachelorettes have repacked their beach wear and returned to the magical shores of “Bachelor in Paradise.” But this time, there are some new rules the producers have put in place to make sure another scandal doesn’t threaten the show.

After the Corrine/DeMario scandal, the show is very concerned with protecting their cast. The questions of consent that were raised, spurious or not, are not trifling matters. The BIP producers want to make sure that event never happens again, even if it leads to less drama.

TMZ is reporting that BIP has instituted a new alcohol policy that will restrict each cast member to two drinks per hour. Two drinks–depending on their stiffness– will probably not be enough to make any male on the show lose his inhibitions, which is good. Drunk dudes are bad news for everyone. Remember Chad? For the female cast members, who tend to be petite, two drinks is not negligible.

Reports from the set are that nothing “too crazy” has happened since the alcohol policy went into effect. But even if nothing happens, it shouldn’t be a problem. It never has been before.