Peter Kraus Says Rachel Lindsay “Made The Right Decision,” But No One Else Thinks So

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Peter Kraus won over a lot of doubters during his time on “The Bachelorette.” And he did it through being a rational, thoughtful human who decided that maybe proposing to a girl he’s only known a few weeks and seen a few times while she was also seeing other people wasn’t the world’s greatest idea.

Obviously, he got dumped. But, the breakup did feature a makeout session, which usually doesn’t happen. And this was after he said, “go find someone to have a mediocre life with.” She made out with him after that. She loves him.

Not only did Kraus tell Lindsay during the finale of the show that he didn’t think he was ready to propose, he told her that multiple times throughout the season. And she kept him.

It was a big mess, but now, Kraus has told People, he wasn’t the one, “Relationships are all about sacrifice. She and I had been having a conversation/borderline argument for about three hours. I knew it was not going to end the way that I wanted. I knew the only way to keep her was to give her what it was that she was looking for. I decided that I would sacrifice my beliefs in order to prove to her that I was in love with her.”

Kraus also said, “It was too little, too late. She knew that it wasn’t where my heart was at the time. I think we probably would’ve resented each other for it if she had agreed. I do think she made the right decision in the end.”

Kraus may think Lindsay chose correctly, but the Internet does not agree.

And here are a few photos that you can’t unsee of the two: