Backstage Access: Willie Nelson, Jason Isbell and Alison Krauss


Country Outfitter got to spend the evening with a couple of legends (and one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there) a few nights ago as Willie Nelson was joined at our local, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion (lovingly called “The AMP”), by Jason Isbell and Alison Krauss (and Union Station) for a perfect summer evening.

One of the main reasons (like you need one) you should try to catch a Willie Nelson concert is because of who he invites to tour with him.  On this leg of his tour we were lucky enough to catch Jason Isbell. Isbell, formerly of the Drive By Truckers, is one of the most respected songwriters in any genre of music and is a great performer. You can tell in his songs and performances that he puts every ounce of energy and heart he has into each song he writes and sings.

When we found out Alison Krauss and Union Station were going to be with Willie during this show we were ecstatic.

The excitement lasted for the full 90 minutes that Alison and crew played. When their set was over, the audience stood for an ovation that lasted at least 2 minutes. And if you want to know what the voice of an actual angel sounds like– its Alison’s voice.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Willie around here. We became even bigger fans when we were chosen to release “I’ve Got A Lot of Traveling To Do” off his new album, Band of Brothers.

Willie, at 81, is a phenomenal performer with a ton of energy. And of course, he’s Willie Nelson.