Jenna Bush Hager Shared a Strange, Very Personal Secret about Her Grandmother Barbara Bush

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Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of President George W. Bush, has been filling in for Hoda Kotb on the day-drinking segment of the “Today Show” and decided to spontaneously share an odd family secret with the world. Her grandmother is missing a toe on each foot. She later clarified that her grandmother had “hammer toes” and had the two toes removed. We don’t know what to make of this “news.”


Jimmy Kimmel had a good round up of the situation:

Ok, let’s break this down. Jenna starts with “Do you want to know the truth?” Were they talking about the Barbara Bush’s feet? Was someone lying or obscuring the truth about them? We’re all for truth and justice, but tend to think Jenna was after some hot goss an Nana’s expense. Just look at her face after dropping that truth bomb.

Kathy Lee can’t believe it and acted as the voice of reason asking “Has she divulged that?” Obviously not, that’s not a thing a lady of the Greatest Generation would discuss. That’s Kathie Lee’s way of saying, “Slow your roll, baby girl!” We think Jenna has a stern reprimand coming her way.