Cougar Barbara Corcoran is the First to be Eliminated During “Dancing With the Stars”

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It was a short but memorable ride for Barbara Corcoran during season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Not only did she meet the love of her life, Keo Motsepe, and make no less than 6,000 sexual advances towards him, she proved that the right attitude can help you overcome just about anything in life.

Corcoran revealed during her elimination that she’s battled dyslexia her whole life, “I’ve been dyslexic my whole life. It definitely affects you. There’s always the stupid kid that made fun of [me]. I don’t want anybody to laugh. The truth is it’s actually a good place for me to come from. Everything good came because I knew how to bounce back up. Everything I’ve ever done in life has been to prove that I’m not stupid.”

Also, she made one last attempt to get Motsepe to run away with her asking, “”How am I going to live without him? It was such an honor and probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.”