Barbara Corcoran Just Kept Making Sexual Advances at Keo Motsepe During “Dancing With the Stars”

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During a normal episode of “Shark Tank,” Barbara Corcoran only passes on bad investments. During her first night on “Dancing With the Stars,” she made passes at everything that moved, mainly her dancing partner Keo Motsepe. And it got weird.

Does “Dancing with the Stars” have a trope sheet we don’t know about and Barb is just fulfilling her cougar trope duties?

  • “Eat your heart out girls, this is what I wake up to in the morning.”
  • “Don’t even mention other women to me.”
  • “Even if everything goes wrong, God’s honest truth, look what you get to look at.”
  • “If he’s not good-looking send him back.”
  • “I’d be happy with any of the guys here. They’re all drop-dead gorgeous– a third of my age, I’d take anyone.”
  • “Come to Mama!”
  • “Keo is my type. He’s ripped. He’s young.”
  • “If I were to marry him, I’d probably get 30 years out of this marriage.”
  • “I do want to be close to you… I want to do more than that.”
  • “I’m a comin’, with my good-looking young stud.”
  • “If he’s not good-looking send him back.”

After the actual dance, Barbara continued and got a little touchy.

  • “We’re getting married.”
  • “That was a sexual turn-on, my dear.”
Naturally, on the dance floor, Barbara was all bark and no bite. She walked away with 15/30 for her salsa skills.