What The Blue Collar Comedy Guys Have Been Up To Since The Tour Ended In 2009


The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was a groundbreaking, three year tour, highlighting country humor starring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron “Tater” White, and Larry The Cable Guy. The tour ended in 2009, but the men of the tour have stayed busy with hosting television shows, making movies, and serving American veterans across the globe.

Ron “Tater Salad” White

White is a charter member of the tour and has had an eventful few years since it disbanded in 2006. He wrote a New York Times Best Seller, got divorced, remarried, arrested on his private jet for drug possession, ran for president, and started a record label. His work with wounded soldiers has earned him the Patriot Award from the Armed Forces Foundation and a day in his honor designated by the State of Texas legislature. His wife refers to him as, “the best husband in the world.”

Jeff Foxworthy

Foxworthy has written a handful of comedic and children’s books since the end of Blue Collar Comedy, but has focused his attention on TV hosting including “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, “The American Bible Challenge”, and “The American Baking Challenge”. He has also launched a line of outdoor gear called Foxworthy Outdoors and a web series “Foxworthy: Inside & Out” featuring Foxworthy and his friends going on hunting, fishing, and land conservation trips. He continues to lead a Bible study every week with the homeless in his community, helps them with addiction problems, and reconnect with estranged family members.

Foxworthy will join Daniel Witney, aka “Larry the Cable Guy”, for a new nationwide tour called Jeff & Larry’s Backyard BBQ in August.

Bill Engvall

Engvall has been the quieter member of the tour, but by no means out of the spotlight. He hosted the revival of “Lingo” on GSN and finished fourth in the 17th season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Daniel Whitney aka Larry The Cable Guy

Whitney, whom we all know as Larry, has been very busy in television and movies with two shows on the History channel, a series of Larry the Cable Guy movies, and starring in Pixar’s hit “Cars” series. Larry was the first non-news person to tour the White House Command Center, also called “The War Room”. In 2010, Whitney donated $5 million to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. In 2012, the hospital named after Whitney’s son, Wyatt.

All four men have made a point to serve American soldiers and veterans throughout their careers through various organizations.