Someone Fixed That Emma Watson Belle Doll and It’s Awesome

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After hearing about the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney fans all around the world were cheering in unison. But, after seeing the Belle-inspired doll that recently hit the shelves, those same fans were like, “What?”

The new doll, which was meant to look like the movie’s main character, Emma Watson, looked weirdly distorted, big-headed and wildly inaccurate.

Some people even thought it looked like Justin Bieber — LOL.

Well now, a man by the name of Noel Cruz has revealed his new and improved version of the doll — and it’s awesome.

Using only paint (like, no photoshop and no CGI), the artist transformed the odd-looking doll into a stunningly beautiful work of art.

And, bonus, it looks exactly like Emma.

And, even though I’ve watched these videos over 10 times now, I can’t get over how magical it is.

Like, HOW?!?