Bebe Rexha Made an Appearance on “The Voice” to Sing “Meant To Be” With Keisha Renee and Adam Cunningham While Wearing a Diamond Skirt and Fur Jacket


I’ll admit I don’t know much about Bebe Rexha with the exception of knowing a few of her songs– primarily her hit “Meant To Be” with Florida Georgia Line. On the season finale of “The Voice,” Bebe Rexha performed the song with Keisha Renee and Adam Cunningham, two contestants who were voted off of the show.

The performance was fine and it was good to see Adam and Keisha back on the stage, but to be honest I was more fixated on Bebe Rexha’s outfit.

Adam and Keisha opened up the song, then Bebe Rexha appeared seemingly out of thin air. This is how I like to think that I look like when I enter a room.

Now I can’t confirm that the skirt is actually made of diamonds, but it definitely looks like it. It perfectly matched her diamond choker and her diamond-lined tank top, too. She topped it off with a white fur jacket, and it’s basically like the New Year’s Eve outfit I’ll never have.

You can witness it in all its glory below, and the actual performance itself.