Life Imitated Art When “Parks And Recreation” Actor Adam Scott Cooked Calzones In Italy


Every “Parks And Recreation” fan knows that Ben Wyatt was an unparalleled innovator when it came to fast casual Italian dining. Sure, your grandfather may love pizza but the pizza of the future is calzones– a portable food that is its own container. That stunning culinary creation has been relegated to “Idiotville, over on Bad Idea street”– but no longer! Adam Scott, the actor who portrays Ben Wyatt traveled to Italy to learn how to make pizza, and wouldn’t you know it, he “messed up” the pizza and made a calzone.


Scott traveled the highway to the calzone zone in the heart of the dark pizza empire. He had a point to make: that every pizza is a just a calzone waiting to happen. Just look at his face, he knew exactly what he was doing!

Oh, and guess who made the pivot from pizza to calzone? The chef! It’s not the move the mainstream media would like to see, but it is the kind of innovation the world needs and a sign of things to come. The future is calzones. The world isn’t even ready for the Low-Cal Calzone Zone yet. Baby steps, right Adam?

The best is yet to come.