6 Best Not “Real Housewives” Shows You Should Be Watching on Bravo

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I’ve been into reality TV for longer than I care to admit. As a 4th grader I remember watching MTV’s “The Real World,” in London. The next season, in Miami, created a fan for life. I’ve spent more hours than most carefully watching and analyzing just about every reality television show ever– ever. I had my “Big People, Little World” phase. My “16 and Pregnant” phase and for the last 10 years or so, my Bravo.

Like most people, I got into Bravo for the “Real Housewives,” but over the years have discovered that their signature series is good, but it’s not what keeps me coming back. And really, I don’t know what I did with my spare time before I discovered Bravo. (To be honest, “Top Chef” is the best show on Bravo and the best show on television, but it’s a cooking competition and not a pure reality TV play.)

6 Best Not “Real Housewives” Shows You Should Be Watching on Bravo:

1. “Vanderpump Rules”
A spin-off of Lisa Vanderpump’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this is easily the trashiest show on the network. Most of the cast are former models and work in Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur. Chrissy Teigen thinks it’s the best show in television history and it’s hard to argue with her.

2. “Watch What Happens Live
Andy Cohen was the head of development at Bravo for 10 years and still executive produces all of the “Real Housewives,” but his true genius comes out as a late night talk show host– no question is off-limits, everyone has to take a shot and basically, he can convince A-list celebrities to do just about anything. This guy created Bravo and even the most famous people like to come and talk about Bravo shows with him. Or re-enact scenes.

3. “Sweet Home Oklahoma”
I wanted to hate this show, but these three friends and their one live-in ex-husband are hilarious. Plus, they don’t get into scripted, fake fights. It’s positive TV for the whole family!

4. “Flipping Out”
My whole life changed when I introduced myself to Jeff Lewis Design and company.

5. “Below Deck”
It’s like “Vanderpump Rules,” but on a boat.

6. “Southern Charm”
The cast is very Southern and somewhat charming. Only one of them has a full-time job from what I can tell, but that just means they have more time to film scenes like the dinner party from hell where fully-grown adult, Thomas, goes guest-by-guest and tells each of them something he dislikes about them and then they all leave before eating. What a beautiful evening.