10 Best Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

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I’m convinced we are living in the golden-age of documentary filmmaking. Never before has it been easier to acquire the necessary equipment, and never before has there been so many potential places to stream films to wide audiences. And it’s great. Sometimes re-watching “The Office” for the 14th time isn’t going to cut it. If you’re looking for something that’s really gonna get your goat and keep you up at night, nothing beats a great doc. Here’s some of the better ones you can find streaming right now.

10 Best Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now:

1. “Making A Murderer” (Netflix)
If you haven’t seen this insane documentary series by now, what are you even doing? Go watch it. It follows the trial of a Wisconsin man and his nephew for the murder of a woman. There are so many twists and turns, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the entire thing.

2. “Mirage Men” (Amazon Prime)
Speaking of twists and turns, “Mirage Men” has one of the best payoffs in a documentary ever. Groups of UFO enthusiasts, or UFOlogists were systematically infiltrated over several decades by government agents with the intent to spread disinformation. One such agent, Richard Doty, explains his experience spreading lies within these communities. As if people didn’t think the UFO community was kooky enough, the government actively attempted to make them believe things even more outlandish.

3. “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” (Netflix)
I don’t recommend watching this incredible film without having some decent sushi nearby. You will be craving your favorite roll the entire time. The titular Jiro spent his entire life perfecting the craft of creating some of the worlds best sushi. He is a master.

4. “Under The Sun” (Netflix)
A documentary crew went to North Korea, one of the least accessible countries on the world to catch a glimpse of the stark contrast between the country’s propaganda, and the impoverished people. They were not allowed to keep footage that the government didn’t want anyone to see. Which makes the already bleak footage they were able to keep all the more shocking.

5. “Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief” (HBO Now)
This award-winning documentary follows the history of the Church of Scientology from L. Ron Hubbard to current day through the testimony of several prominent ex-members.

6. “Manhunt” (HBO Now)
The CIA tried for nearly 20 years to catch Bin Laden, but had repeatedly failed to do so, until a group of analysts, made up of mostly women, were able to culminate enough intel to lead to his capture.

7. “O.J.: Made In America” (Hulu)
What’s more incredible than one of the most famous athletes in American history being put on trial for murder? Against the backdrop of race riots in Los Angeles, this incredible doc produced by ESPN spares no details.

8. “Cave Of Forgotten Dreams” (Netflix)
If you gon’ talk docs, you gotta have some ‘Zog. Werner Herzog’s presents cave drawings in France that date to 30,000 years ago in a way that only Werner Herzog can. If you like art, caves, or German accents, this is the doc for you.

9. “Room 237” (Netflix)
Fans of Kubrick, horror films, or conspiracy theories will all find something for them in this documentary, that examines the symbolism and themes of Kubrics 1980 classic “The Shining.”

10. “Citizen Four” (HBO Now)
Depending on your perspective, Edward Snowden might be a patriot or a traitor. Either way, this documentary follows his rendezvous with journalist Glenn Greenwald in Hong Kong just days after he leaked the classified NSA documents that proved the agency was spying on citizens.