10 Of The Most Hilarious And Unexplainable Food Moments Of 2017

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2017 was a pretty wild year in the kitchen. We saw unnecessary food creations, people being way too obsessed with avocados, and how a Turkish butcher that sprinkled salt on his forearm become world famous. As difficult as it was, we narrowed down a list of our top ten favorite food moments. Come for Nicole Kidman throwing shade, stay for Chris Pratt losing his mind over a muffin.

1. When Carrie Underwood revealed her diet at the exact moment we were giving up on our New Year’s resolutions

It actually included a lot more food than you would think.

2. Giada and Nicole Kidman’s strange moment on “Ellen”

“It’s a little tough.”

After some passive-aggressive barbs from Giada, Nicole called Giada’s food “tough”. It was uncomfortable for everyone.

3. Avocado Lattes, aka hipsters have no respect and ruin everything

A bunch of Aussie hipsters decided to make lattes in avocado shells and “only” charged $6 for the honor of drinking one. Avocados deserve better.

4. Salt Bae

Who would have thought a Turkish butcher would take the world by storm in 2017? Celebrities flocked to his restaurant just to have him sprinkle salt on their steaks.

5. When Chris Pratt showed us the dark side of celebrity diets.

Imagine having your food portioned and locked away just so you could have abs. Chris Pratt’s hilarious mental breakdown should serve as a warning to all of us: diets aren’t worth it.

6. Kalen Allen’s food reviews

The most recent addition to the list is Kalen Allen and his hilarious food reviews. Honestly, we can’t stop watching them.

7. Clear pie, aka when chefs have no respect and go too far

Ok, it’s kinda cool, but I prefer real pumpkin pie. Besides, the pie is infant-sized.

8. When people went nuts of “hand salad”

Forks are so 2016. Hand salad is everything.

9. When Millennials invented a new medical term: Avocado Hand


You know that moment as you swing a giant knife at a soft fruit and you just know that you are headed to the ER? Yeah, it’s actually really common.

10. Sassy Wendy’s

Whoever runs Wedny’s social media is winning. First they roasted Wingstop then they went on a movie rant. Basically, they are the one Twitter account you need to follow.