Best Non-Country Songs of 2014


As we near the end of 2014, it’s only fitting that Country Outfitter Style shares a few of those classic, end of the year lists with you. But, we’re kind of bored with the typical end of the year lists, so we’re putting our own spin on a few!

Though we spend the majority of our time listening to, talking about and thinking about country music, there are a few moments during our week that we’re able to listen to other stuff. And we really like some of it.

The best non-country songs of 2014:

  • Without a doubt, Taylor Swift’s 1989 is one of the best collections of songs ever compiled by someone who only owns crop-tops. “Blank Space” is so smart it is scary. Swift seems to capture emotions in a bottle and is able to unleash them with gut wrenchingly excellent hooks.
  • Ed Sheeran took a page from his friend Swift’s book on “Don’t,” telling the story of a relationship going down in flames. His lyrics are raw and real. And the percussion is too good.
  • Do yourself a major favor and buy the entire Hozier album. It’s dark and timely and “Take Me to Church” is in a category all of its own, both vocally and musically. Try not to stomp around when you’re listening to it. I dare you.
  • Meghan Trainor may be a one-hit wonder with “All About That Bass,” but this song is so big and bold– who cares?
  • Only Beyonce can surprise the world with an album at midnight and deliver 17 of the best songs of her career. “XO” is catchy, sincere and created a new closing line for girls everywhere.
  • If there’s a more talented songwriter in the world (not counting Taylor Swift) than One Republic’s frontman, Ryan Tedder, we want to meet them. “Love Runs Out” is classic Tedder without being annoying.

This was a pretty big year for music, as evidenced by the broadness of the GRAMMY nominations. The diversity in each of the categories is a win for everyone.

Image Source: PR Photos