11 Amazing British Shows You Have To Check Out On Netflix

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Looking for something new on Netflix? There’s a ton of great offerings from across the pond. From baking shows to crime dramas to travel shows and comedies, the Brits are really nailing great TV. The best thing they have going is the BBC, which never feels the need to drag out a good show. Here, we make shows run for seven seasons or more. The BBC is OK with having a good show run for just one or two. That means you can find a great show with having to give up your life to work through it’s fifteen seasons. These shows are all worth streaming.

Without further ado, in no particular order:

1. “The Great British Baking Show”

Imagine a cooking competition where everyone was nice to one another, with tea breaks, and dessert is king. You’ve just imagined “The Great British Baking Show.” You’ve never seen a kinder competition in your life and it is completely addicting.

2. “Sherlock”

Obviously. This modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes is not only one of the best British shows on Netflix, it is one of the best shows on TV right now. If you love crime dramas, you can’t miss this.

3. “The Office”

​The original, and to some, better than the Steve Carrell version. I’ll reserve my take and let you judge it for yourself.

4. “Peaky Blinders”

1920’s British street gangs, horse races, love, a crooked detective, and a Scarface-esque rise to power. It’s awesome, and only get’s better when Tom Hardy shows up in season 2.

5. “Broadchurch”

Another one for crime drama lovers. A small tourist village is shaken by the death of a child and everyone is a suspect. This was supposed to be a one season story, but was tagged with a second, which is both bad and unnecessary. I suggest watching the first alone, but hey, do what you want. You gotta live your life. Note: this can get intense and dark, but is extremely well done.

6. “An Idiot Abroad”

Karl Pilkington is that one friend we all have who has no filter. Except he’s funnier. This travel show takes him out of his comfort zone and just lets him comment on the weirdness he finds. It’s outrageously funny.

7. “Luther”

Idris Elba plays a detective with anger issues who hunts down serial killers in London simply called Luther. The only problem is, he is slowly losing his mind and will have to find them before going insane. It’s pretty nuts and Elba is fantastic.

8. “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”

Do you like Victorian era dramas, the Napoleonic wars, and Harry Potter? Then this may be the one for you. This completely strange, clever, and fun show follows two sorcerers as they shape history with magic. It’s wild and pretty great.

9. “Planet Earth”

Gorgeous. The most beautiful thing you can stream bar-none. A must for winding down after a stressful day.

10. “Fawlty Towers”

John Cleese plays a frazzled hotel manager surrounded by a people only slightly less competent than he is. It is one of the funniest shows you’ve never heard of.

11. “House of Cards”

Yes, another British original we stole. It’s like the Netflix version, but darker and with a more manipulative and evil main character. Seriously. It’s wild how Frank Underwood seems tame compared to his British counterpart.