11 Best “SNL” Political Impersonations of All Time


The best part about any election year, in my opinion at least, is when we, as a nation, come together to collectively make fun of our political leaders.

For the last four decades, “Saturday Night Live” has given us countless hilarious moments that have almost become more memorable than the actual candidates. How easy it is to conflate Sarah Palin with Tina Fey’s portrayal of her? They’re indistinguishable in my mind, to Fey’s credit.

Here are some of the best political portrayals in the show’s history, ranging from outlandish, to deadly accurate.

11 Best “SNL” Presidents:

1. Mitt Romney – Jason Sudeikis

2. Hillary Clinton – Kate McKinnon

3. Bernie Sanders – Larry David

4. Ross Perot – Dana Carvey

5. George H. W. Bush – Dana Carvey

6. George W. Bush – Will Ferrel

7. Bill Clinton – Darrell Hammond

8. Ben Carson – Jay Pharoah

9. Sarah Palin – Tina Fey

10. Al Gore – Darrell Hammond

11. Joe Biden – Jason Sudeikis