8 Movies You Should Watch to Get Pumped for the Winter Olympics


The only thing in the world better than 3 weeks straight of Winter Olympics coverage is 3 weeks straight of Summer Olympics coverage. Officially, the 2018 Games kickoff on February 9 in Pyeongchang, Korea. And since we’ve still got a couple of weeks to get ready, it’s probably time to start watching some movies to get us pumped up.

8 Movies You Should Watch to Get Pumped for the Winter Olympics:

“The Price of Gold”

Award-winning filmmaker Nanette Burstein takes a fresh look at the worldwide spectacle that ensued. Features interviews with Tonya Harding, Connie Chung, Tony Kornheiser and the coaches for both Kerrigan and Harding. (Available on Amazon.)

“The Mighty Ducks”

The Mighty Ducks” franchise as a whole is solid from start to finish. If you really want the international competition vibe, watch “Mighty Ducks 2” immediately after the first. (Available on Amazon.)

“The Cutting Edge”

There’s nothing better than a doofus trying to make good with a spoiled ice princess, right? Right, especially when the Olympics are involved. (Available on Amazon.)


The true story of one of the greatest Olympic moments in history. (Available on Amazon.)

“Cool Runnings”

Cool Runnings” will make you laugh and cry. And you’ll probably try to build a bobsled track near your house. (Available on Amazon.)

“Ice Castles”

“Ice Castles” has it all– triumph, tragedy, young love, and competition. (Available on Amazon.)

“Downhill Racer”

Robert Redford as a world-class athlete? Yes, please. (Available on Amazon.)

“Aspen Extreme”

Your classic rags to riches tale. (Available on Amazon.)