“Stranger Things” Season 2 Is Getting an After-Show– Here’s What We Know

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As if I needed to get more excited about the launch of “Stranger Things” season two, Netflix announced that along with the new season, they’re releasing a seven-episode series called “Beyond Stranger Things.”

“Beyond Stranger Things” will be hosted by writer, producer, and actor, Jim Rash, and promises to explore the inspiration for the series, tell behind-the-scenes stories from shooting and scripting, and will analyze every aspect of the second season– and allegedly, it’ll answer any and all “burning questions” we have.

All seven episodes of “Beyond Stranger Things” will be available to watch on October 27 along with the new season– but they’re advising that you don’t start watching “Beyond Stranger Things” until after you have finished watching the entire new season as there will obviously be major spoilers. It will automatically play after you complete the final episode of season two, which means you truly won’t be leaving your couch all weekend.