Texas Newspaper Runs A Long Obituary For A Local Chicken Named Big Mama


A local newspaper in College Station, TX posted a lengthy obituary and memorial for a chicken named Big Mama. Big Mama was a Rhode Island Red who The Eagle, claims as “a family chicken worthy of an obituary. Oh, Texas, never change.

Big Mama was an indoor chicken from Houston who moved to the country and reached her full potential in the grassy Texas fields. She was loved “24-7” and was “survived by her flock: Bubbles, Runt, Ms. S Funky, Lucky, and Blondie.”

Man, Blake Shelton may want to name the dogs but everyone should let these folks name the chickens. Ms. S. Funky!? That’s an amazing name and tells you everything you need to know about this bird. She is dignified, don’t need no rooster, and struts to the beat of her own drummer. I bet she’s sassy.

You can read Big Mama’s full, ornate obit below. Humans don’t even get obituaries like this.