News Station Staff Pulls A Giant Snake Out From Behind A Computer (Bye, Australia!)


“I’ll move to Australia,” said the college senior with no future plans. “I can find an hourly job and surf all day. I’ll play with koalas and never worry about anything.” Oh, dear sweet child, how foolish you are. Australia has come a long way since it was a British prison colony, but that land is determined to kill humans. There are more poisonous insects, lizard, snakes, and mammals, per square mile in Australia than any other continent and the waters are teeming with crocodiles, sharks, eels, and (yes) more snakes. So is it a surprise that an Australian news station found a four foot python in their office? To me? Yes! Them ? Apparently not.

A video from the Northern Territory News showed reporters casually pulling a huge snake from behind a computer and casually placing it into a reusable shopping bag. When the snake started thrashing around, they acted like nothing was wrong. It was like they never considered a snake might bite them.

Welcome to Australia, where creatures like this live in your backyard.