Billy Gilman Moves on After Singing Michael Jackson Classic for #TeamAdam on “The Voice”


Billy Gilman has been there and done that, but the talented 28-year-old is pushing himself and his vocals to the limits for #TeamAdam and “The Voice” right now.

Gilman, who had a monster hit on country radio in 2000, keeps noting that his voice changed during his teenage years, but from what we can tell– it may have been for the better.

Paired against Andrew DeMuro in the battle rounds, Adam Levine opted for a Michael Jackson classic, “Man in the Mirror” for the two talents to sing it out over.

Blake Shelton noted that, “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more evenly matched battle.” And it’s true– the pair matched each other note for note throughout the duel, but ultimately, Gilman won out and moved on for #TeamAdam.