Bad Lip Reading’s Take On “Narcos” Should Be Made Into a Feature Film

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Bad Lip Reading videos are always great but with their new take on Netflix’s “Narcos”, they have just changed the game. They imagined a completely new story out of the gritty drama that is hilarious and, surprisingly, kinda compelling. Hipsters would be all over their fake movie “Soy Pablo”, a case of mistaken identity and self-discovery. And You know what? I think it would be great.

Ryman Branson, a child actor and self-proclaimed porpoise enthusiast happens to be a dead ringer for Pablo Escobar, so the CIA sends him into deep cover to gather intel on the cartel. Ryman’s act falls apart when he finds his destiny.

“Sometimes, in order to find ourselves, we have to lose sight of who we really are.”


It’s a comedy/coming of age story in a hipster/indie film style.

In complete sincerity, I would watch that movie.