Bobby Bones Announced as New Mentor for Top 24 on “American Idol”


Bobby Bones has been tapped to mentor the top 24 contestants on the new season of “American Idol.” The radio host broke the news during his radio show sounding relieved to finally be able to talk about his jump to TV.

“Finally. I get to say something. I’m joining American Idol this season. I will be the mentor to all the top 24 contestants. And I appreciate you guys for letting it happen.”

Bones will join Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie, and Ryan Seacrest on the re-tooled season. The addition makes us think that this season will lean into the country side of the music industry, much like “The Voice” has. It may be that AI is looking for direct competition with their primetime rival, or they simply know that their audience is made primarily of country fans.