Bon Jovi Attends a Wedding and Basically Gets Forced to Sing “Livin’ On a Prayer”

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Being a celebrity and attempting to live at least a semi-normal life has to be challenging, right?

I mean, everywhere these people go, they’re getting asked for pictures and autographs from fans, they’re being followed by paparazzi, their every move is being documented and they’re expected to always be willing and able to perform.

Sometimes, this even happens when they think they’re in the safety of a private environment.


Recently, while attending a private wedding in Miami, rock legend Bon Jovi had one of these experiences.

During the wedding’s reception, the 54-year-old singer was basically dragged onstage to perform a jazz rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer.” From the video, it’s easy to see that he wasn’t planning on giving any sort of performance, but after much prodding by the wedding singer and the other guests, he reluctantly went on stage.

Lourdes Valentin, who was the band leader, told the Associated Press that, knowing Bon Jovi would be a guest, she had prepared the song ahead of time in hopes that he would perform it with her. When she approached him about it at the event, he said he did not want to sing, but, obviously, when he heard Lourdes sing the song, he gave in and joined in anyway.

Once he got up there, it looked like he was having a pretty damn good time though, so no harm was done.