Britney Spears Shows Off Her Dance Moves to Adele’s “Hello”

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Adele has inspired a lot of tears and a lot of happy dances lately. Following the huge success of her beautifully sad single “Hello,” the soulful artist’s newest album 25 quickly became the fastest selling album in U.S. history with a jaw-dropping 3.38 million copies sold in just one week — dang.

Since its release, “Hello” has inspired covers, dances and sad/happy tears from artists and fans alike. First, Cam covered the song in a perfectly twangy way, then Adele herself covered the song with school instruments and now, Britney Spears has shared an Adele inspired dance video via Instagram.

We think she represents exactly how we all feel when listening to this song.

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I could dance to this song a MILLION times…love you @adele!

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You go Brit.

Image Source: PR Photos