Brooke Simpson’s “Amazing Grace” is What Everyone Needs to Hear Right Now


There are a few songs in this world, that no matter your age, range or vocal prowess will always be hard to perform. The National Anthem and “Amazing Grace,” definitely being on the list.

For her Top 10 performance during “The Voice,” coach Miley Cyrus tasked Brooke Simpson with singing the incomparable, “Amazing Grace.” Before rehearsals we learned that like a lot of people Simpson has a deep connection to this song– her parents are full-time evangelists and she has sang this song hundreds of times in churches across the country.

For reasons I’ll never understand, during rehearsals Cyrus told Simpson, “I want to hear what this would be like modernized, like if this was a Coldplay version of ‘Amazing Grace.'”

Luckily for listeners, Simpson didn’t take that advice, likely because it was bad advice.

“Amazing Grace” can be heavy and consuming at times and listeners bear the weight of the lyrics, but Simpson’s performance was joyful and robust. The lyrics were still heavy, but seemed to take on a different tone.

Brooke’s parents were in the audience as the coaches and audience were on their feet after the performance.

“Ooh, child. It just shows… your spirit is universal. Your heart… to sing from a place like that… I’m just glad and grateful to be able to sit here and witness it and see a voice like yours get this type of platform,” coach Jennifer Hudson told her.

Coach Blake Shelton told her, “Brooke, I gotta say, as an opposing coach, you just took it to the next level.”