14-Year-Old Brynn Cartelli Earns First Spot on #TeamKelly After Unbelievable Performance During “The Voice” Blind Auditions


Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty phenomenal performances from young singers on “The Voice” that left us in awe– but when I heard 14-year-old Brynn Cartelli sing “Beneath Your Beautiful” on “The Voice” blind auditions, my jaw literally dropped. Had she not disclosed her age before going on stage, I would’ve assumed she was 25. Her voice is powerful and she has SO much control over it– I can’t even imagine how much better it’s going to get as she continues to mature.

The judges were equally as floored by Brynn’s age and skill level. In fact, Brynn’s performance was so good that Kelly Clarkson made her first-ever chair turn for her. Of course, Blake Shelton turned at the very last minute in an attempt to steal her– but Brynn ultimately picked Kelly, saying she’s been listening to her music since she was 4…AKA, 10 years ago.

I can’t wait to watch Brynn throughout this competition– I have a good feeling she’ll go far, and she’s already made it very clear that age is nothing but a number on this show.

Brynn Cartelli is from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. She says she’s been singing since she was “in the crib.”