Steve Carrell And Kristen Wiig Answer The Weirdest, Most Searched Questions People Have About Them

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We all know the internet is weird, but only because we are all so strange. People get whacky when they think no one is watching and search for really weird facts about their favorite celebrities, thinking no one will see their internet history. Too bad Google collects all of our search data and holds on to the oddest parts. Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig, got to answer those questions and it was hilarious.

People want to know things like “Is Steve Carrell young?” They don’t want to know his age, just the general part of life he is in. Weird.

People want to know, “Who the is Kristen Wiig shirt?” That doesn’t even make sense, you guys. How many people have to search this before is shows up as an autocomplete search? 100,000? At least! What is going on!?

It only got more weird (and more endearing) from there.