Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are From South Carolina

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Were you shocked at how many celebrities there are whom you didn’t know are from North Carolina? We were, so we decided to add South Carolina into the mix.

Can you believe these celebrities hail from South Carolina?

Aziz Ansari

When Aziz Ansari played South Carolinian Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” the South Carolina part wasn’t a joke. Ansari was born in Columbia and grew up in Bennettsville.

Band of Horses

Charleston is such a great town that the entire band relocated from Seattle and adopted South Carolina as their own.

Stephen Colbert

The story goes that Stephen Colbert trained himself to lose his Charleston accent by listening to news anchors. Looks like it worked, as he played one for nine years on “The Colbert Report.”

Andy Dick

In strange-but-true news, Andy Dick was born in Charleston, but moved away soon after.

Tyler Florence

Do you think all of the yummy Southern food had any effect on Tyler’s cooking influences? Maybe so, because he was born in Greenville and graduated from culinary school in Charleston.

Leeza Gibbons

Before she was the host of popular shows such as “Entertainment Tonight” and “America Now,” and her own talk show, Leeza was born in Hartsville, raised in Irmo, and attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia.


Andie MacDowell

If you are watching “House of Cards,” you know that Frank Underwood is from Gaffney, and there is a giant water tower shaped like a peach that some people tend to think looks like a giant rear end. Aside from that, Gaffney’s greatest claim to fame is being the birthplace of Andie MacDowell. MacDowell also has also lived in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

Nancy O’Dell

They must grow beautiful and well-spoken news magazine hosts in the Carolinas, because along with Maureen O’Boyle and Leeza Gibbons, Nancy O’Dell is a native. She was born in Sumter, grew up in Myrtle Beach, and graduated from Clemson University.

Mary-Louise Parker

Though her character on “Weeds” lived in California, Mary-Louise Parker was born in Fort Jackson, and later attended the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Chris Rock

Most associate Chris Rock’s early life with New York City because of his standup routines and the television show based on his early life, but Rock was born in Andrews.

Darius Rucker

We all know Darius started out as the lead singer with Hootie and the Blowfish while they were at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, but Darius considers Charleston to be his hometown. He even has a street named after him there.

Josh Turner

It’s hard to believe a country music superstar with so many big hits is from a town as tiny as Hannah.

Austin Webb

Don’t let this little tidbit “Slip On By.” Austin is from Williamston.

Vanna White

You can’t tell just by the way she turns the letters on “Wheel of Fortune,” but Vanna hails from Myrtle Beach.


Image Source: PR Photos, CMA